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And unlike other On running shoes, the Cloudstratus fuses the forefoot Clouds together to form a single forefoot platform, which makes for a confident toe-off. In reviews I noted a few complains of the outer layer of the sole coming off but that seems to be rare and I'm sure this company stands behind the product. As it is a Swiss company presenting itself as of high-quality, it is far beyond the normal price tag of a shoe. Does their design methodology work in the cross training shoe market? Christopher Kelsall - January 15, 2019. One key consideration is that the regular On Cloud running shoe is 20g lighter and £10 cheaper than the waterproof version. Reviews at the link below. And so, my conclusion stands: take the ASICS over the On, unless you’re dying for a stiff plated racer. But the shoe is designed for paved city streets where rocks and debris aren’t as … Linkedin. Share. I’m sure my wife is baffled by the seemingly never-ending stream of running shoes coming into our house—especially because none of them are ‘media samples’–every pair is … They’re design is kinda the opposite of what I typically wear which is Altra. These shoes are extremely comfortable out of the box. Walking on Clouds. Review: First, I’m not a runner that needs a stability shoe, so that took a few runs to get used to. On's CloudTec cushioning system lives up to the hype. They fit true to size, but definitely had more structure and heft to them compared to the Pegasus 35, which has been my go-to running shoe … Born in the Swiss Alps, On running shoes feature the first patented cushioning system which is activated only when you need it - during the landing. Womens and mens versions. REVIEW: On Running Cloud Running Shoes On’s Cloud running shoes prove that chocolate isn’t the only superior product coming out of Switzerland. Guest post by Peter Stuart @theloudmouse Why do I keep trying new running shoes? I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting to like these shoes. Facebook. The channel created between Cloud Elements on the bottom of the shoe can grab rocks or other debris from trails and hold onto them until you dig them out. For design, in my eyes, the shoe would score 10/10. Can a running shoe company make a good cross trainer for the CrossFit WOD? The On Cloud in this review thankfully falls into the first category. I had a similar reaction with my first pair of Ons, and they haven’t let me down yet. On Running is best known for making super-light and cushioned running shoes. The 2017 On Cloud model features a new V-molded design to lock in the heel and prevent it from slipping while running. Even though there’s not a ton of padding, they’re comfortable shoes. Below, you'll find our reviews of each style, plus advice on what to … The shoes' cushion tech is very impressive. ReddIt. Shoe Review: On, Cloud Terry. On The Cloud Running Shoe Review. The Cloud X uses a stronger speed board in its sole, which peps up its responsiveness enough to noticeably reduce the sink on strike and add a little more return at toe-off. Walking on Clouds. She decided to pass because she prefers Nike for style, but I was sold. It gives a breathable and lightweight structure (the men version of the shoe is only 230 grams). They deliver on comfort. So, now we need to dive into our running-shoe dictionaries. 0. These shoes run true to size and the semi-flat laces provide a secure, locked-down fit. March 7, 2019. Our testers run and analyze all the latest shoes - and you can read hundreds of feedback from our readers! I got the chance to test out a pair of its Cloud runners. The clouds are chiseled from Helion foam, the same cushion used in the new On Cloudswift. Most of the descriptors above for the Adizero Pro also apply to the MetaRacer; these shoes are the similar of any two 2020-era racers, in my opinion. The best ON running shoes are not only incredibly effective, efficient, and reliable and they also offer tons of style and colors to choose from so you will look great on your runs as well. Pinterest. Yep, it looks a bit funky and has a very specific purpose, but it freakin works. Check out our review of the On Cloud, Cloud X & Cloudflow. Allbirds makes unapologetically comfortable and low-maintenance shoes out of renewable materials. Shoe Review: On Cloudswift. I never write reviews, but ABSOLUTELY LOVE these shoes. The best ON running shoes on our list are some of the best running shoes in general, so they definitely compare to some of the other popular brands like Nike, Asics, and Reebok. Let’s review the Cloud X training shoe. However, when I first stepped into the shoes, they felt very tight and stable. On Cloudswift review: the Tech. Full Review: On Cloudflow £130 – After months of training runs and having clocked a significant number of kms/miles, here is Chris Hovenden’s review of the On Cloudflow.. Having first featured the shoe on the site last December, how did they perform out on the roads? The company’s three Swiss co-founders produced their first shoe design in early 2010, and within 18 … Sam, Editor Thanks for reading Road Trail Run! By. This is my second pair of these, my first pair lasted 6 months before deteriorating. facebook; 7/18/2019 0 Comments I’ll be honest, I haven’t had much luck with On running shoes for my feet. We've been covering the company since 2016, and we've tested nearly every item it has made. The On Cloud shoe weighs 8.1 ounces, or 230 grams when it is a size 9 shoe. Last but not least, the price… I must say that unfortunately ON Cloudflyer is very expensive. Email. The Cloud X is firm, but it's a unique kind of firmness that only ON's CloudTec pods can provide. This excellent give and return tops the baseline Cloud model whose Cloud Element midsole also delivered excellent response, but didn't quite have the same stiffness to charge as hard as the X. On Running Review: The world’s lightest trainers. The On Cloudswift is powered by the Helion foam that's been engineered for urban running environments. Shoe upper; The upper of the On Cloud is 3D printed. Twitter. As for weight, the On Running Cloud is appropriately named to be cloud-like. Mix. This shoe is light . Launch into the world of zero-gravity running. November 17, 2014 By Peter Larson 8 Comments. FREE Shipping on all orders $59+ FREE Shipping on all orders $59+ Home Winter Collection Boots ... Use our Shoe Finder to find the OnCloud that’s right for you. I am in between a 7 and 7.5 and need a 7.5. On shoes have a very distinct look thanks to the Cloud elements on the sole and this is true to the On Cloudflow too. Helion—pronounced hee-lee-on—is firm underfoot, giving the shoe a stable landing. The best Running Shoes Reviews on the internet! 230g that hardly feels like anything, making you feel like you’re walking on clouds. On has made a big splash in its relatively short existence, and now has the accolade of being the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world. Now the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world, if you want a shoe to push the pace in and strive for that PB, then On Running shoes are hard to beat. On's Cloudnova shoes are your new go-to everyday bangers. It also recently introduced a line of apparel. The pod technology allows the shoe a little give as it hits the ground, but the sensation as the pods fit together at take off is quite firm. The reason for my 2 star review is that after 2 months of wear, the rubber tread on the sole is almost completely worn off and the fabric on the heal has a hole. I wear size 10, so that fraction of an ounce extra doesn’t matter to me. The mesh material throughout most of the body helps that feeling, resulting in an agile shoe to run with. It is also their first offering using a double stack of their ubiquitous cloud pods that are on all of their shoes. On-Running On “The Cloud” Shoe Review. I had actually taken one of my daughters to a store that specializes in running shoes and after a treadmill test and other tasks, they recommended these shoes for her. See our page with links 100’s of in depth shoe and gear reviews HERE. Free shipping & returns. On On is one of the fastest-growing running shoe brands in the United States. Brooks Hyperion Elite . Experience the world's lightest running shoe with the On Cloud. On Cloudboom Running Shoe Review: Fast, But Too Firm For Marathons. On has made a big splash in its relatively short existence. Reviews, Gear. The On Cloud X feels pretty firm underfoot; firmer than other On shoes I’ve worn in the past. Which one is right for you? Due to the spaces between the Cloud lugs stones do get lodged if you're using them on gravel or trails, but for … On “Cloudstratus” shoe review. Cloud Terry in silver. They have a 6-millimeter drop from heel to toe, which in theory puts it halfway between what minimalist runners want (0-4 mm) and what a traditional running carries for a drop (11-12 mm). It’s another carbon plate racing shoe to consider, but the Cloudboom is best kept for short stuff. Reviews. ON Cloudflyer is definitely a recommendable model of running shoes. Disclaimer: These shoes were provided to me for review …

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