}}highlighted quote{{< /hl >}}. < section data-markdown > < textarea data-template > ## Slide 1 For example, this is a R markdown file.--- title: "Diamond sizes" date: 2016-08-25 output: html_document --- Text of the document. Blockquote > This is a blockquote. At the end of an intro, I go back and highlight things I just used to make sure they notice them like R Projects and the here package for data importing. config. Create a new package with a inst/rmarkdown… Use the following command to install R Markdown: install.packages("rmarkdown") Now that R Markdown is installed, open a new R Markdown file in RStudio by navigating to File > New File > R Markdown…. E.g. markdownHTMLOptions returns a character vector listing all the options that are available for the HTML renderer in the markdown package. RStudio provides a button that makes it easier to compile the document. To achieve the result: This is the first item. R Markdown files have the file extension “.Rmd”. To create a Markdown slide, add the data-markdown attribute to your
element and wrap the contents in a