A balanced diet consists of a variety of different types of food from all the food groups that provide adequate amounts of the nutrients necessary for good health. It includes fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, seeds, nuts, lean protein, low-fat dairy and healthy oils, as well as the occasional treat. This is in contrast to a diet, which usually focuses on quick weight loss and prohibits many foods.

A balanced diet is much healthier for us in the long run, rather than short-term weight loss diets. Balanced diets combined with healthy and active lifestyles are helpful in decreasing the risk to a number of medical issues. They also reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing energy levels; this decreases chances of mental illnesses like depression, and give us a sense of overall well-being.

But exactly what happens in our body when we start eating balanced meals? Well, here’s a timeline.

  • After ONE DAY:
    You experience decreased levels of hunger because you’ve eaten complex carbs, proteins and healthy fats, which are slow-burning sources of energy for the body, rather than empty carbs which burn faster and cause cravings. You’ll find yourself to be mentally more awake and alert, because your energy level is higher.
  • After ONE WEEK:
    Your energy levels will consistently be higher than before, spurring you on to maintain this healthy and active lifestyle. Your quality of sleep will improve vastly, contributing to your overall health. As your diet and sleep patterns become more regular, you’ll experience less bloating and discomfort than you used to with junk food. You’ll also start feeling more positive and stable, compared to the emotional ups and downs you used to have throughout the day.
  • After ONE MONTH:
    Your skin will have a natural glow from all the nutrients you’ve been giving it. A balanced diet speeds the pace of exfoliation, protects the skin from UV damage and keeps you looking younger. As your healthy diet becomes more habitual, it will require less effort on your part and you’ll actually save money by not splurging on fast food. You’ll be losing weight at a gradual but steady pace. Your metabolism will speed up and lead to a healthy digestive tract. Your body will also be able to recover better from workouts by repairing muscles and reducing muscle soreness faster.
  • After SIX MONTHS:
    You’ll notice a decrease in your blood pressure, blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels. This means lower chances of heart diseases, strokes and diabetes. Your bones will become stronger, decreasing the chances of stress fractures, breaks, and osteoporosis. You’ll be noticeably thinner and healthier, and this has a positive impact on your mental well-being.
  • After ONE YEAR:
    You’ll reach your goal weight, and enjoy all the above benefits, which will continue for as long as you maintain a balanced diet. By this time, you’ll have enough self-discipline to indulge at times, without deviating from your diet plan altogether. You’ll be energetic, motivated, and better equipped to handle stress effectively. You’ll feel more confident and want to try new activities, and be more positive.

It’s essentially a virtuous cycle: a balanced diet leads to better physical and mental health, which encourages you to continue with a balanced diet, and so on.

Considering a balanced diet? Join the Fibrasina movement today and aim for a healthier tomorrow.

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A balanced diet is a key to a healthy life. Learn how changing your diet helps you live better on a macro and micro level.
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